Baptiste Billoir (H.15) advances search for Alzheimer’s treatments

AgenT, a young biotech start-up, is using a new animal model to advance the search for treatments for Alzheimer’s disease. Challenge number one: detect...

Salomé Blondeau (H.20) : Princess of dessert

“I was tired of being 'just' a good student and not knowing how to do anything with my hands,” explains...

Doha : Discover the top picks of HEC greeters

Rasha Al Sulaiti (E. 12) Since 1978 I earned an EMBA at HEC Qatar and a...

Vanessa Lamorre-Cargill (E.16) : Language prodigy

Vanessa Lamorre-Cargill (E.16) does not hear quite like most of us. But she turned what could have been a disadvantage into the great opportunity...
Huawei illustration Chereau pour HEC Stories

Should Huawei be banned in Europe?

FOR Marc Triboulet (E.04) A cybersecurity specialist and a member of the HEC Governance office, Marc...

Food innovation : A taste of the future

Alternative meat, Seafood – without the sea, Dried food...A taste of the future by HEC alumni working in the food industry.
Photo de l'usine Kiri Bel

Business Story : Bel and Dairy-Industry Innovation

The cheese company Bel decided to leave tradition behind and carve out a new market niche for itself through innovation.
Laurent Marcel au téléphone dans la cuisine de Danone Manifesto Ventures

Laurent Marcel (H.94): “Our society’s values are revealed in our plates”

We once imagined people gobbling down “meal pills” for lunch. But times have changed. Tomorrow’s food sector will be driven by consumers’ environmental and...
Xavier Niel répond aux étudiants HEC

Students and the Big Boss : Xavier Niel, Founder of Free

The Big Boss © Anje Jager Xavier Niel doesn’t particularly enjoy talking about himself, and that’s a...
Emmanuelle Wargon écoute les citoyens à Emmaüs, Montreuil, Paris

24 hours with Emmanuelle Wargon (H.92)

Emmanuelle Wargon was recently appointed by the French president to lead the Great Debate. Last February 20, we accompanied this HEC graduate at the heart of the national consultation process.
manifeste étudiant pour un réveil écologique illustrations par Éric Giriat

10 questions about the Student Manifesto for an Ecological Awakening

© Éric Giriat 1. What does the manifesto say? Rebeca Doctors (MSc.19), student at HEC...