PODCAST : HEC UK Governance: In Conversation with Non-Executive Board Member Catherine Bradley CBE...

Join in for the 1st event of the newly created  HEC UK Governance Club, led by UK Alumni Nathalie Romang &...

Boost Your HEC Network in… Asia #RegionalWebinarSeries

HEC Alumni and Students : Ever wondered who you can contact before moving to Asia or to do business in the region?

Should we really shift to 5G?

FOR “A technology we need in order to cope with the data explosion.” Gauthier Dalle (E.10)Former...

24 Hours with Florian Grill (H.88)

Florian Grill, candidate to be president of the French Rugby Federation, conducted an energetic grassroots campaign. Portrait of a force of nature: the head...

I tested it for you: Angell

Angell; what is it? In November 2019, Marc Simoncini, founder of Meetic and the investment fund Jaïna Capital, announced the launch, with...

Transform Your Annual Interviews

Superficial, inflexible, too formal… Annual evaluation interviews, born in the United States in the 1980s, have a bad reputation. Adobe, General Electric and L’Oréal...

Does Unemployment Insurance Stimulate Entrepreneurship?

Abstract Ever since a 2003 reform measure, Pôle Emploi, France’s national employment service, has provided unemployment benefits to jobless people who are...
Anne-Laure Kiechel (H.99)

Anne-Laure Kiechel (H.99): The banker on friendly terms with countries

The economist Anne-Laure Kiechel (H.99), formerly an executive with banks Lehman Brothers and Rothschild, founded her own consultancy to advise governments. These days, debt...
formation CPF

Take Advantage of Your Right to Receive Training

It’s not easy to comprehend the compte professionnel de formation . The system was extensively modified by the Law of September 5, 2018. Patricia...
Adecco avions

Adecco: Temp-Job Leader on the Move

Adecco, with its thriving intrapreneurial culture, was a pioneer in the temporary-employment sector. To maintain its leading position in a rapidly evolving labor market,...
énergies renouvelables

Guaranteed Tariffs and Renewable Energies

Abstract As we confront climate change, renewable energies represent a “clean” alternative to fossil fuels. The implementation of feed-in tariffs (FITs), financed...

HEC Grads and Unemployment

Layoffs, job searches, retraining… Before finding the right path, many HEC graduates have spent some time jobless. Trampoline






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