Entrepreneur Ghanim Al-Sulaiti breaks barriers by introducing a vegan and eco-friendly lifestyle to the people of Qatar. His company, Enbat Holdings, boasts a selection of vegan restaurants and cafés, a mineral water brand, a botanical-based skincare collection, and a wellness facility. 

The bustling city of Doha, Qatar, is currently experiencing a culinary revolution spearheaded by Ghanim Al-Sulaiti (E.24). It all started a decade ago. Ghanim was about to graduate in civil engineering at Drexel University in Philadelphia when he tuned in to Good Morning America. On that day, renowned nutritionist Kimberley Snyder made a special appearance. Intrigued by the benefits of veganism and broader environmental issues, he decided to learn more: “I bought her book and started to think. I was drinking milk and eating meat; something was about to change.”

The United States, Egypt, Morocco, China, Spain, Italy, France, and Bali…  The entrepreneur traveled for two years, discovering and finding inspiration… He embraced veganism and embarked on a new journey. Upon coming back, he finalized his plan to launch his company in the sectors of food, wellness, and services. His creed? “To address the concerns of vegans, animal lovers, and environmentalists by avoiding investments that directly contribute to animal suffering, destruction of the natural environment, and climate change.”

In 2016, Ghanim opened the doors of Doha’s first vegan restaurant: Evergreen. Immediately, his cuisine captivated a wide audience. “Evergreen was abuzz within the first 10 minutes, and it continued to attract crowds for four months, quickly becoming the trendiest spot to be. That wasn’t our original plan, we weren’t invested in social media or influencers at the time since they weren’t even a thing. So, it was a very organic kind of movement, you could say.”, he says nostalgically.

Buoyed by this success, however, an essential aspect was still missing from his arsenal. “I started my business without the knowledge of doing business. I have had people telling me to join HEC for almost five years now. I began my EMBA in Qatar to refine and structure my knowledge. I used to make a lot of decisions somewhat randomly, based on my gut feeling. That won’t be the case anymore.”


The Green & Go store in Doha, Qatar.


Following his chosen path, Ghanim expands his empire while adhering to the principles of the circular economy. Nearly eight years after its inception, Enbat Holdings now boasts four restaurants, vegan cafes, including one at Doha Airport, and a mineral water brand. From Mylk to Green&GO, every establishment is a true gastronomic laboratory where innovation, quality, and environmental respect are paramount. In tandem, the group bolsters its reputation as a pioneer in sustainable entrepreneurship by setting up a factory for eco-friendly packaging and a spa offering natural treatments.

At just 32 years old, Ghanim is making his mark on the palates and perceptions of his fellow citizens. However, to him, promoting a more responsible lifestyle is also, and above all, a matter of education. The concept of fostering a new perspective is ingrained in the name of his company, Enbat Holdings, which derives from the Arabic word “enbat”, meaning “to nurture”.

Cooking workshops, school conferences… No effort is spared in conveying his passion and values. Ghanim actively raises awareness about animal welfare, environmental conservation, and sustainable consumption. «Every year, I volunteer to visit over 40 schools. I firmly believe that if we want to initiate meaningful change in our society, we must address the youngest minds.”


Rather than pursuing expansion at all costs and short-term profits, the businessman focuses on building a sustainable legacy: “My goal is to be a hundred-year-old business. Certain businesses are destined to stay local and maintain a specific size and level, as that is what sets them apart and makes them extraordinary. I believe the era of franchising is coming close to an end.


Evergreen Organics cafe, Qatar  ©EnbatHoldings


Looking ahead, the entrepreneur remains optimistic and ready to explore new horizons. Whether it’s expanding his consulting services, forging partnerships with organizations, or advocating for sustainable practices, Ghanim is determined to lead by example proving that commercial success and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand. So, the next time you stroll through the bustling streets of Doha, keep an eye out: you might just stumble upon one of Ghanim’s vegan restaurants and savor a healthy and delectable meal.

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