President of the FFR (French Rugby Federation) and CEO co-founder of CoSpirit, Florian Grill stands out for his two passions: entrepreneurship and rugby. Indeed, this former captain and junior vice-champion of France is never on the sidelines when it comes to entrepreneurship! A graduate of HEC in 1988, he co-founded Business Digest three years later in 1991, and then CoSpirit, his communication agency, in 1994. Under his leadership as CEO for thirty years, the group now has over 220 employees between Paris and London.

Always influenced by the distinctly French terroir spirit associated with the world of rugby, Florian is also a co-owner of Château de l’Engarran, a family vineyard property passed down for six generations.

Crowned a Knight of the National Order of Merit, Florian Grill brilliantly transitioned from the rugby field to leadership. After a remarkable sporting career, Florian Grill took the helm of ACBB Rugby (Boulogne Billancourt), then the presidency of the Ile de France Rugby League, before once again climbing the ranks and being appointed President of the FFR on June 14, 2023.

This passionate and big-hearted individual has a keen interest in civic and volunteer life, particularly in his role as administrator and vice-president of GRAJAR, a research and action group for young adolescents on the streets.


HEC Stories asked him its four emblematic backstage questions.


– What is your advice for HEC students?

Be aligned. Think carefully about who you are and try to build things that are consistent with your true nature.

– What is success, in three words?

Passion, determination, and resilience.

– An idea to save the planet?


– Someone who inspires you?

– My children.


This show is broadcasted on French channel BFMBusiness, do not forget to turn on the subtitles ! 

Published by Estel Plagué

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