The consulting firm Nego and Co offers employees who wish to leave their company expertise to help them avoid resigning by negotiating a compensated departure. With twenty years of existence, these ‘decision influencers’ boast an impressive success rate of 100%.

Getting fired is not necessarily a bad thing. Thierry Krief experienced this in the early 2000s when he had to handle four contract terminations in four years. Each time, instead of hiring a lawyer, he opted for direct negotiation with his employer, an uncommon approach at the time, to secure the best departure conditions. “As a result, after the fourth negotiation, I realized that I had unintentionally specialized in the field!” he recalls.

Thus, after publishing his first book “Cadres, ne vous laissez plus faire” (Executives, Don’t Let Yourself Be Pushed Around), he decided to capitalize on his expertise by founding the consulting firm Nego and Co in 2004. His initial profession was to assist employees when the employer initiated the termination, with four identified objectives: financial compensation, maintaining the client’s brand image, psychological balance, and the ability to bounce back serenely—all without ever going through legal proceedings.


Since then, Nego and Co has expanded its scope and now dedicates 80% of its activity to a concept called “voluntary resignation.” According to this concept, the employee wants to leave but will ensure that the initiative for departure comes from the company. To persuade the employer to make this decision, the consulting firm relies on a methodological approach derived from research in behavioral analysis, corporate psychology, and organizational sociology.

“If I take the example of an employee who has just seen a promotion slip through his fingers and wants to progress elsewhere, we will implement strategies so that the person who got the position understands that they will not have credit with him and that it is in their best interest to see him leave,” details Thierry Krief. And the methodology has proven itself: 100% of the 1500 cases accompanied resulted in success. “The only elements we don’t control are the amount obtained and the time it will take for the operation. But the rest is guaranteed,” concludes the negotiation expert.


Thierry Krief

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