Alexandre Mignon (E.06), an anesthesiologist-intensivist at Cochin Hospital in Paris, served on the front lines in the battle against the coronavirus. Critical of the way the healthcare crisis has been handled, this doctor-entrepreneur has decided to shake things up. Alexandre Mignon (E.06)2002: Completed his medical studies at Paris Diderot university, specializing in anesthesiology-intensive care. 2006: Earned an MBA in Leadership and Change Management at HEC 2011: Co-founded the university laboratory iLumens. 2015: Visiting professor at Columbia University, New York City 2020: Launched the CovidIA (artificial intelligence) project As his deep voice reverberates through the telephone’s speakers, it’s obvious that this is a man in a hurry. “We can do the interview right now; I have 10 minutes,” he announces. Hmmm, that might be a bit short. He explains, clearly on edge, that he’s working “like a maniac” and sleeping only three hours a night. “But call me Friday morning,” he eventually offers. That Friday, he picks up the phone almost instantly. We can hear him compose himself and take a deep breath before he begins to speak. It’s exactly one month since the lockdown started. He came down with the virus himself at the end of March. He had a fairly severe case, he explains, but he didn’t have to be hospitalized. Now back on the job as an anesthesiologist-intensivist at Cochin Hospital, he is obviously exhausted but also very ready to get something off his chest. “I’ve got a big mouth, in any case. I just can’t keep quiet,” […]

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