Fashion, design, or beauty? HEC alumni venture into all sectors, and HEC Stories has put together a selection of gifts to place under the Christmas tree for the whole family.

1 – Anthology of Beauty

Moisturizing cream, hydrating serum, or cleansing oil, the Typology brand founded by Ning Li (Class of ’06) offers essential and natural products. For Christmas, create a gift box for him or her.


2 – Cocoa Bites

When Carrés Sauvages meets Huages, founded by Hélène Aubier (MOOC.18), it results in chocolate bites that combine a high cocoa content with hemp seeds and CBD. Enjoy them without moderation.


3 – Fine Grocery

Ginger, apple, hibiscus, or cucumber, lemon mint; these artisanal syrups are the signature of Élise Vignaud (MBA ’98). Lissip, with its unconventional and slightly spicy blends, will elevate the glasses of young and old alike.


4 – Nomadic Lamp

At Petit Friture, created by Amélie du Passage (Class of ’03), everything is design and ticks all the boxes of a social and local production, like this wireless lamp with LED lighting that can be carried throughout the house.


5 – See Things Big

Goodbye tablet and computer. Hello Tikino! This projector, conceived by Aliénore Bouvier-Lewi (Class of ’09), is designed as a magic lantern for children aged 3 to 10. The illustrated and animated content is intended to gently stimulate children.


6 – Personalized Care

Because we all have our own lifestyle and different skin, Paul Michaux (Class of ’15) imagined Prose, a haircare and skincare brand that offers products after a personalized diagnosis.


7 – Ancestral Candle

Fill up on positive vibes with a luxury candle inspired by the Himba tribe of Namibia or bamboo salt crystals from Korea. Co-founded by Helen Roh Lee (EMBA ’22), Leverden draws inspiration from Mother Nature and ancestral skincare rituals.


8 – Against the Tide

With Thalie Paris, Nathalie Dionne (Challenge+ 2021) offers elegant leather goods made from surprising eco-responsible materials, such as these salmon leather bags, recycled from agri-food industries and sushi restaurants. Did someone say anti-waste?


9 – Finnish design 

Nothing beats a Marimekko dress to add color to your life. Led by Tiina Alahuta-Kasko (CEMS ’05), the iconic Finnish designer is known for its floral patterns and generous designs. Even Jackie Kennedy was a fan!

10 – Compost me now

The award-winning company Les Alchimistes, created by Cyrielle Callot (Class of ’11), not only collects food waste but transforms it into compost and sells it to individuals, among others. This eco-friendly black gold is available at Franprix or Biocoop. Your plants also deserve Made in France!


11 – The Call of Colombia

Born in Bogota, Adriana Archambault (Class of ’97) came up withthe idea of making the ancestral know-how of Colombian weavers accessible to the Western and Asian public. The Aaluna bags are ethical and made by the Wayuu communities in the northern part of the country. Exotic.


12 – Maille intemporelle 

Balibaris, the chic and timeless men’s clothing brand founded by Paul Szczerba (Class of ’10), offers its classic 100% merino wool sweaters: trucker or turtle neck, plain or Christmas jacquard… a thousand and one ways to stay warm with style!


13 – Beautiful at Home

Did you know that 9 out of 10 women change when they come home? To respond with beauty, Caroline Buisson (Class of ’13) created Maison Figura. A soft and timeless wardrobe to feel comfortable at home.


14 –Successful lingerie 

10 years after the launch of Ysé, a highly desirable lingerie brand, Clara Blocman (Class of ’11) envisioned very special Christmas sets. Bras, bustier triangles, and high-waisted panties are no essentials under the Christmas tree.


15 – The Cream of the Crop

Of course, you can brush your mane with La Bonne Brosse thanks to Pauline Laurent and Flore des Robert (Class of ’04). But did you know that shopping for serum, shampoo, and conditioner is also a must to perfect your hair routine ?


16 – Pet bait

Exquisite and innovative, Reglo kibbles for dogs and cats, with their recipe based on flies, contribute to fighting against the impact of intensive farming. As good for your pets as it is for the planet…

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