How can society be more inclusive? Why does promoting diversity matter for individuals and businesses?


Matteo is committed to bringing answers to those questions through his research, his teaching, and his everyday life. Since his coming out, he decided to give his academic career a new turn and to advocate for LGBTQ rights before expanding his field of expertise to human rights and further specializing in diversity and inclusion (D&I).


Matteo Winkler is Professor of Law and Chair of the Diversity Committee at HEC Paris. He believes that the law gives a person power and is a tool for change. He produces research with impact because he feels for the topics he chooses, as he will explain about the writing of a paper on the South African athlete Caster Semenya, a case which leads us to reflect on the perception of women’s body in society. He teaches D&I in order to help students make business and society more inclusive.


We also discussed with Matteo on gender issues and how populist discourse hinders diversity. In this podcast, you will also hear Louis Doumier, an HEC Paris MBA graduate and founder of the LGBTQ+ Business Club in 2016, on his actions in normalizing LGBTQ topics. We also met Anna Lyamina, an MBA student from Russia who will explain to us why she was committed to being a part of this club.

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