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In this episode, you will be slipping into the shoes of a detective on a hunt for answers to feel the exhilaration that Kristine experiences as a researcher exploring new realms of knowledge. You will be slipping into the shoes of a PhD student whose journey is akin to a quest of oneself. These are the forms of engagement that Kristine de Valck carries: helping students grow and develop their potential towards academic excellence; sharing knowledge and insights that offer people different viewpoints to better understand the phenomena that surround them. And above all, just spreading some enthusiasm! This is how Kristine intends to have impact. After this episode, you may have to reconsider, in a simpler way, what truly motivates us in life. Because, as Kristine tells us – passion and fulfillment drive engagement. You will also feel this by hearing the dedication of people around her like Britta and Françoise from the HEC Paris PhD Team, and the impact it has had on Fei, former PhD student who is today Assistant Professor at Bentley University in the US. Kristine de Valck is Professor of Marketing and Associate Dean and Director of the PhD Program at HEC Paris. After this podcast was recorded, she was named Dean of Degree Programs.

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