He has a bulimic appetite for knowledge, has been reading philosophy since childhood, loves to pass on his knowledge and fights for equal opportunities via the HEC Foundation. Nicolas Maisonneuve is the fourteenth HEC Stories super student.

His passion is the love of knowledge, meaning philosophy. At the age of 7, his father made him read books by Aristotle and taught him to question reality. Since then, Kierkegaard has been his teacher and Socrates’ maieutics his method for making decisions. His choices mix pragmatism and great texts and are always made with the long term in mind, in accordance with his values and his desire to know the world.

Nicolas fights for equal opportunities. During his studies, he committed himself to following young scholarship holders via the PREP ETOILE programme of the HEC Foundation to prepare them for the competitive entrance exams. With his friends, he re-launched the HEC fencing club, revived the philosophy and literature association and recreated the European economics and politics association.

His philosophy? to face new challenges, to remain passionate, to have a global view of things. A holistic way of thinking that led him to an X-HEC Data Science for Business degree with Polytechnique, a field placement in the Congo, strategy, maths, economics and law. He hasn’t finished his major yet, when Nicolas signs a permanent contract as an economist at Veltys.

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