En avril 2020, HEC Stories a proposé aux alumni de partager leur expérience du confinement. Voici le témoignage envoyé par Suzana.

I have used the time of confinement to spend more time with my son and to do something completely different than I would usually do to take myself out of the dire situation I can personally not do much about.My son just started trying out cello as an instrument so I rented a cello for me too and we started together with a journey of learning something we don’t know anything about and without a teacher but with help of books and online courses.

We have learned a lot given the circumstances and this brought me fullfilment but also made me questioning, “How come I have never thought of this before?” I have also re-started to enjoy other artistic activities like drawing and singing which I have always loved and enjoyed before they got forgotten on the long way of education, professional, and family life.What I have learned from this experience is that in today’s world our time is cut in ever shorter pieces and we spend more time switching from task to task and meeting to meeting than we spend actually deeply involved with a subject. Furthermore, we all have learned that some professions exist which we have not really noticed enough before and that art and music are not just sort of entertainment but are giving strenght and hope and channel for our emotions in hard times just as they can amplify our joy when everything is fine. I have skipped all the “Zoom calls” trend because this would be missing the point and interrupting everything again with appointments that are not necessary.

I don’t think that digital will save the world althoug giving very useful tools for our tasks. Humans are physical beeings, we need to reconnect with people and nature. We need human touch and personal contact. Technology is just useful in a dosis which is not messing up with how we are naturaly wired. We should not mix these to up.Apart from the fear and insecurities of the Corona Confinement, there was plenty of time given to do something you don’t have to do but want to do without the fear of missing out on social life ( because there is none) or anything else. It was a quiet time to think about our lives, what we did till now, dig up old memories and rethink what really matters to us. Nevertheless, I will be relieved and happy when we can say that it is over.
Stay safe, Kind regards

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