On Wednesday 23rd November, HEC in the UK, together with the Executive Education team from HEC Paris, organised interactive workshops on the “War for Talent”. The very insightful workshops, which were followed by a cocktail, were also the opportunity to celebrate our ranking successes -Triple #1 worldwide by the Financial Times – with our community in the UK.

“Trust doesn’t come immediately, sometimes it’s after 10 years, sometimes it’s very quick, but it is definitely something to be worked on”. This is one of the key takeaways from a participant of the “War for Talent” workshop, held at the Reform Club in London.

The event brought together 40 attendees, who had the chance to engage with four renowned HEC Paris Professors on topics related to the raging “War for Talent”:

• Innovation, and how to reimagine and invent the future together, with Anne-Valérie Corboz, Strategy and Innovation Professor and Dean of HEC Paris Executive Education

• Talent recruitment, attraction and retention, and how to hire the best talents, both aligned with your company’s values and likely to thrive in your company, with Gachoucha Kretz, Associate Professor of Marketing

• Change management and how to do it better, with Mathis Schulte, Associate Professor of Management & Human Resources

• How to build a culture of trust in our new environment, with Brad Harris, Professor of Management & Leadership

“It was a pleasure being in London and meeting so many participants across industries. It was a great opportunity to highlight our strength in Executive Education, exchange with participants on such an exciting topic and celebrate our #1 ranking in the Financial Times with the UK community. We look forward to building our presence in London and working with our ecosystem there to drive our mission for impact” said Anne-Valérie Corboz.

Gachoucha Kretz was equally excited about the event: “I was delighted to participate to this workshop in London, in a beautiful setting. During the workshop, we looked at how companies can attract talent and have the best talent go through their door, the discussions were lively and interesting and drawn on my experience as the Executive Director of the L’Oréal Chair and Director of the Master’s in Marketing at HEC Paris. I am very passionate about this topic and see myself as a ‘talent raiser’”.

Key takeaway from participants discussing with Mathis Schulte is about keeping the “secret sauce” when engaging in changes. According to Mathis, “many leaders throw out the baby with the bathwater when they engage in organisational change. An organisation needs to adapt to the environment but should keep its secret sauce”.

Brad Harris exchanged with the participants on how to build a culture of trust in our new environment. « While the fundamental ingredients of trust in organisations may not have changed, the specific ways in which we build and sustain it may look different. Organisations and their leaders need to be more intentional, more thoughtful, and more genuine in their efforts to create a culture of trust”, said Brad.

The participants were thrilled by the event and were engaged throughout the evening. “Thank you for hosting us. It was really well put together and am so glad to have had the HEC first-hand experience as we go into planning 2023”, said one of the participants. Another participant said, “It was a great showcase of HEC and I know it really helped me to learn more about your institution and how we can work together”.

For years, we’ve been supporting corporates in their talent management strategies and many other challenges. Find out more about our support and development solutions for companies and feel free to contact Delphine Mourot (Director of HEC in the UK) and Laura Saint-Lo (Deputy Director of HEC in the UK) here too, for any further questions.

We were delighted to see so many participants engaging with our professors on those very exciting topics!

Delphine Mourot: mourot@hec.fr

Laura Saint-Lo: saint-lo@hec.fr


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