SWEN Capital Partners places its ESG & Impact commitment at the center of its investment strategies. Interview with Thibault Richon (H.06), Director of multi-strategy Infrastructure. 



 What role does responsible investment play in your company? 

Thibault Richon: SWEN Capital Partners has been a pioneer in integrating ESG criteria into non-listed investments and is now positioned as a leading player in sustainable investment. Since our establishment in 2008, we have placed ESG and impact at the core of our investment approach to support the growth of companies and infrastructures with undeniable environmental and social contributions. Since 2012, our annual ESG data collection campaigns have allowed us to build a unique non-financial database. Each year, we organize the ESG Best Practices Honours by SWEN conference, bringing together the non-listed ecosystem to share best practices in this field. The 10th edition in June 2023 gathered over 400 guests, including non-listed industry stakeholders, impact and biodiversity experts, business leaders, and institutional investors. 


How do you direct capital towards sustainability? 

T.R.: Through various funds and investment strategies, SWEN CP invests in profitable projects aimed at generating positive environmental and social externalities, both directly and indirectly. In reference to the SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation), SWEN CP commits to creating only vehicles classified as “article 8” and “article 9.” We set minimum sustainable investment objectives for our funds and use scientific methodologies and tools such as the Net Environmental Contribution, complementing our framework beyond sectoral exclusions, with an active ESG practice support approach. 10% of our staff is dedicated to ESG analysis. 


What are your goals regarding the phase-out of fossil fuels? 

T.R.: Fossil fuels fall within the scope of our sectoral exclusions. We have made strong commitments to phase out direct investments in oil and gas by 2030 and indirect investments by 2035 (2030 for coal regardless of the investment mode). We align with the goals of the Paris Agreement, with a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% (tCO2eq/CA) within our direct private equity and infrastructure portfolios. 


Why did you publish your Sustainable Finance Policy and Nature Policy in 2023? 

T.R.: The year 2023 marked a significant turning point for SWEN in terms of sustainability. After more than a decade of commitment and structuring, we wanted to set a new ambition with the implementation of our sustainable finance and nature policies, as well as our status as a mission-driven company. We aimed to integrate biodiversity issues into our climate strategy, focusing on creating a holistic environmental preservation policy. This initiative aligns with SWEN’s purpose: “Putting investment at the service of nature.” Therefore, the entire governance of SWEN is evolving to embark on this new cycle dedicated to sustainable finance!    

Thibault Richon (H.06) 

He worked in London in the mergers and acquisitions division of Morgan Stanley, focusing on the utilities and renewable energy sectors, and later as a portfolio manager for infrastructure and private equity at the Canadian pension fund OPTrust. He joined SWEN Capital Partners in 2016 and has been leading the multi-strategy Infrastructure business since 2019. 

SWEN Capital Partners 

SWEN Capital Partners is a leading player in sustainable investment in private equity, infrastructure, and mezzanine debt, managing and advising on over 8 billion euros in assets. The management company, owned by the Ofi Invest groups (whose main shareholders are entities of the Aéma group: Macif, Abeille Assurances holding, Aésio Mutuelle) and Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, along with its team, has consistently placed the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and impact approach at the core of its strategy. With now over 100 employees, SWEN CP supports entrepreneurs and partners in a commitment to addressing social, societal, and environmental issues. 

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