Covid-19 has brought challenging times to the mobility industry. Air travel has suddenly come to halt.  Warren Buffett sold all the ‘big 4’ US airlines stock in April. In May, Uber and Lyft let go of their significant employee base. Public transport is running minimally. The steps taken to combat Covid-19 brought a screeching halt to the mobility industry. Our panel at Silicon Valley Technology Forum looked at these facts and discussed short term, medium term and long term consequences on people behavior. One of the key factors that everyone agreed in determining the future course was contactless delivery of mobility solutions, as people care about their health more than ever. Some of the beneficial outcomes of the recent situation have been healthier air and people using bikes for last mile mobility needs. The panel suggested the mobility industry may move towards more contactless based mobility delivery solutions such as the increase in usage of drones in e-commerce delivery, the rise of use of personal cars both EV and non-EV, and the people preferring more personal mobility solutions such as bikes over shared mobility solutions in near future.

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