Hermance loves Asia. Brought up on Mulan animated films from an early age, she studied Chinese in high school and spent six months in Hong Kong. Hermane loves to devote herself to others. Chosen Vice President of the association Good Morning Vietnam, as an industrious 19-year-old she managed to secure funding for a micro-credit project.

Of her sojourn in Vietnam, she particularly remembers the kindness of the local people and their boundless energy. Her favorite memory? A little girl, not even 12 years old, living in an orphanage. “She was playing soccer with the boys there and she totally beat them!”

On the banks of the Mekong, Hermance’s team balances social services and support for local entrepreneurship. With the support of a union, they evaluate families’ potential to pay back loans in order to offer them microcredits. The results? The operation is a definite success, and about 95% of the loans are paid back!