Not just revamped, but rebuilt from its foundations: after 67 years of Hommes et Commerce, the HEC Alumni magazine is stepping into a new era.

It would be hard not to notice: your new magazine is nothing like the old one. Format, paper, publishing frequency, layout, editorial line, even the title… Everything is new. It now offers recurring features, including not-to-be-missed columns such as 24 hours with a graduate, interviews with company managers by students, or an in-depth briefing on a given topic. We endeavor to introduce you to people who can inspire you with new ideas and broaden your horizons. “They are changing the world” is a new feature that perfectly illustrates this goal. It puts the spotlight on HEC graduates around the world who are devoting their energy and talent to advancing innovation and the common good.

In the “Coaching” section, you will find condensed packages of HEC expertise, including summaries of ongoing research, as well as tips for your professional or personal life neatly summed up on a single page.

Finally, the “Alumni Journal” is a “newspaper within the newspaper”, written by the graduates themselves. It gathers and reports the latest news about HEC Alumni graduate classes and clubs with a tone that is free-ranging, friendly, and affable.

A gateway to content

Go to (from a desktop or mobile device) to explore our new media website. You will find articles from the magazine, news about HEC graduates, and videos or podcasts from HEC Alumni events. And the cherry on the cake… is available in French and English!

So many people to thank…

Over 200 people were involved in making the first issue of HEC Stories a reality: 3 permanent members of the editorial staff, 1 artistic director, 9 journalists, 1 editorial secretary, 5 illustrators, 9 photographers, 2 developers, 4 advertising executives, 1 printer, 63 contributors to the Alumni Journal and more than 130 other contributors.

We also had the benefit of useful advice from media graduates, the good ideas offered by the Bronx agency, and even a helping hand from the editor-in-chief of the Harvard Business School alumni magazine. Many thanks to you all!

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