Distributed during the third edition of HEC Climate Day on May 22, the publication Knowledge@HEC reviews planetary boundaries. This 10th number is entirely dedicated to sustainable development challenges. It features contributions from researchers, students, alumni, and companies engaged in the transition. It offers a comprehensive perspective encompassing the entire HEC ecosystem.

“It began as a lengthy investigative work,” explains Editor-in-Chief Céline Bonnet-Laquitaine.  “I then had numerous discussions with Daniel Halbheer, director of the FII Chair ‘Business Models for the Circular Economy’ and the Climate & Earth Center, who helped me select themes and speakers. My manager, Daniel Brown, provided significant support for contacts, layout selection, and the proofreading phase. Laurianne Thoury from the S&O Institute and François Collin (H.87), the School’s Director of Sustainable Development, also greatly assisted us.”

“Ultimately, this publication was published thanks to the contributions from many HEC actors: the Foundation, the S&O Institute, partner companies of the chairs… and also the HEC Stories editorial team!” The 3,000 issues of the magazine, printed on recycled paper, is available on campus and distributed during School events. This special edition is also accessible online on the website www.hec.edu under the Knowledge@HEC tab, in an enhanced version that includes videos and extended versions of the interviews.


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