In 2003, a life-altering accident left Gérard-Marie Vuillemin with a 65% disability. Refusing to merely survive, he dedicated five years to rehabilitation to walk, speak, write, and use his intellectual abilities again. He succeeded. His rehabilitation center assisted him in writing “Rééduque-toi et Vis !,” a two-book series chronicling his post-accident journey.

Wishing that other life-affected individuals could benefit from his works on rehabilitation, the association “Rééduque-toi et Vis !” was established. It has initiated a campaign on the website where the French books are available for free download.

“Rééduque-toi et Vis !” aims to finance its promotional efforts through a fundraising campaign launched last weekend. This fundraising is nonprofit: the funds will remain on the platform until a designated fundraising manager settle the association’s bills. In exchange for this close control, the fundraising campaign does not deduct anything from the donations.

The fundraising goal is modest (8,300 €), with its main cost items being the creation of French and English websites and public relations.

Gérard-Marie Vuillemin states, “The project seems aligned with the HEC Alumni motto. ‘We share’: sharing copies for free download (books crafted with multiple caregivers) and on a very large scale: 1.7 billion English and French speakers worldwide. ‘We dare’: no one thought I would make it; I rehabilitated myself because I didn’t leave myself an alternative. ‘We care’: the project’s simple title, REV!, attests to it.”

Watch his story in video (in French).

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