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HEC Grads and Unemployment

Layoffs, job searches, retraining… Before finding the right path, many HEC graduates have spent some time jobless. Trampoline

10 Stereotypes about the Ecological Transition

1.It’s impossible for organic farming to feed the whole planet. Stéphane Linou, city councilor in Castelnaudary, pioneer of the Locavore movement...

The Light at the End of the Tunnel?

The Covid 19 disaster has destabilized all companies, but smaller enterprises, with their operational challenges and lack of adequate finances to cushion the blow,...

André: The Shoe-Biz Goes Down a Size

André, the shoe specialist, marched forward with great strides for more than a century. Nevertheless, it was the first French company to be stopped...

10 stories of alumni during the crisis

The pandemic tidal wave has sunk global stock markets and becalmed business activities.  SMEs have had to navigate these troubled waters with extreme care in order to stay afloat. 10 stories from inside the turmoil. Fitness Long live confitment When the 35 Neoness and Episod fitness centers were shut down on March 15, it was a huge blow for Verona, a fast-growing SME well on the way to becoming a mid-cap company. Verona’s founder, Céline Wisselink (M.99), is nevertheless satisfied with the way she has handled the situation. At the human level, first of all. For the past 12 years, she and her associate, Marie-Anne Teissier, have invested in the recruitment and training of their teams: their coaches are all on long-term salaried contracts, which means they can take advantage of partial unemployment benefits financed by the government.  “In the UK, coaches are freelance, and neither they nor their employers receive any state aid. We are lucky to be here!” To compensate its customers, Neoness has offered to extend or upgrade current memberships. It’s also giving classes via social media and its MyNeoCoach app, which provides digital coaching and training programs and can be downloaded free by anyone who wants to take full advantage of their “confitment”. “This crisis has inspired new sports activities of all kinds: at home, outside or within companies, with digital services completing sessions in the gym.” Fitness of the future. Films and urban art  Getting the word out Jonas Ramuz (M.14) has one foot in […]

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10 Stereotypes about Big Pharma

1. Big Pharma aims to corrupt doctors. Pierre Frouard, GP and a contributor to Prescrire magazine, published by the association Mieux Prescrire [Prescribe Better]. FALSE – Corruption is illegal and remains very rare. On the other hand, there are legal ways to influence doctors, for example through gifts or contracts. Since 2013, under the terms of the Bertrand law of 2011, such gifts and contracts must be listed online, and this information can be accessed by anyone, for example via www.eurosfordocs.fr. Ironically, this effort at transparency, put in place following the Mediator scandal in 2010, serves to legitimize such practices. Studies show that gift-giving induces the recipient to respond by giving something in return. The problem is that doctors aren’t always aware of how they are being influenced, and this influence can begin very early in one’s career. A medical student surrounded by doctors who accept such gifts can, little by little, come to believe that this is just standard practice. According to a study I recently coordinated, which confirms the results of earlier studies, general practitioners who did not receive any gifts between 2013 and 2016 had a better record concerning prescriptions: their prescriptions were generally both cheaper and more effective. The good news is that young doctors are becoming more and more aware of the importance of maintaining their independence. 2. Leading pharmaceuticals companies lobby to discredit unconventional medicines. Annabelle Champagne (M.08), pharmacist, managing director and founder of Wi Pharma, an application for the distribution of pharmaceutical and […]

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10 Questions about the Geopolitics of the Web

In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee and a few others created the World Wide Web based on the principles of universality, openness and free services. Has this...

David Akpamagbo (H.08) : The Cream of the Crop

David Akpamagbo (H.08) is a cattle-raiser and craftsman based in Brittany’s Finistère region. His butter, with its subtle nuances that vary with the seasons,...

Ariane: Driving Force in the European Space Sector

The rocket, first launched 40 years ago, has raised Europe to the ranks of global space-sector leaders. And, Ariane has become number one in...

10 Questions about fighting poverty

What does it mean to be poor today? Does the answer depend on cultures, countries and continents? Alicia Marguerie...