Boost Your HEC Network in… Asia #RegionalWebinarSeries

HEC Alumni and Students : Ever wondered who you can contact before moving to Asia or to do business in the region?

Should we really shift to 5G?

FOR “A technology we need in order to cope with the data explosion.”
Anne-Laure Kiechel (H.99)

Anne-Laure Kiechel (H.99): The banker on friendly terms with countries

The economist Anne-Laure Kiechel (H.99), formerly an executive with banks Lehman Brothers and Rothschild, founded her own consultancy to advise governments....

HEC Grads and Unemployment

Layoffs, job searches, retraining… Before finding the right path, many HEC graduates have spent some time jobless.

10 Stereotypes about the Ecological Transition

1.It’s impossible for organic farming to feed the whole planet. Stéphane Linou, city councilor in Castelnaudary, pioneer of...