Special Reports

Business Story : Culturespaces, An arts affaire

In less than 30 years, Culturespaces has positioned itself as France’s leading private operator of cultural venues. The 14 sites, museums and art centers...

5 HEC alumni involved in preserving patrimony

Yves Ubelmann Valérie Senghor Yves Ubelmann Trained as an architect, he participated in the HEC Challenge program...

Guillaume Poitrinal : “French patrimony deserves better.”

Last April 15, terrifying images of Notre Dame cathedral in flames circled the globe. It took more than 15 hours to put out the...

Food innovation : A taste of the future

Alternative meat, Seafood – without the sea, Dried food...A taste of the future by HEC alumni working in the food industry.
Photo de l'usine Kiri Bel

Business Story : Bel and Dairy-Industry Innovation

The cheese company Bel decided to leave tradition behind and carve out a new market niche for itself through innovation.
Laurent Marcel au téléphone dans la cuisine de Danone Manifesto Ventures

Laurent Marcel (H.94): “Our society’s values are revealed in our plates”

We once imagined people gobbling down “meal pills” for lunch. But times have changed. Tomorrow’s food sector will be driven by consumers’ environmental and...
manifeste étudiant pour un réveil écologique illustrations par Éric Giriat

10 questions about the Student Manifesto for an Ecological Awakening

© Éric Giriat 1. What does the manifesto say? Rebeca Doctors (MSc.19), student at HEC...